Mix Up (Sex Merry Go Round)

by Mkuu Amani

Alex calls Rex cos Rex likes hot sex
Phone goes to voicemail
Alex gets vex.

Sue likes Simeon
Wishes he would give her one
Sex on the first date
Now he’s long gone.

Mark’s in the park after dark
With his boyfriend Clark
The relationship’s lost its spark

Poor Emily has an s.t.d
Which she picked up for free
From her partner Ronnie

Carl gets keen cos he knows Charlene’s on the scene
And he’s already been in between.

Zak’s in a tizz
Since his girlfriend Liz took whizz
And his best mate Baz did the biz.

Man what a mix up
Everybody fix up
Too many folk drinking from the same cup.

The Light

by Mkuu Amani

Somewhere somehow I can hear your voice calling
Like a lone candle light faint but not failing
"What is the the purpose and where should I be?"
Sweet shines the light through which others can see.

Faith leads the way when you feel your flame flickering
Captured in winds that are wild and tormenting
Darkness abounds threatening all liberty
But sweet shines the light by which others can see.

Take a moment
Say a prayer
"Blessed Lord be near"

Then rest in the love that is yours every day
As God speaks through your heart...
"I'm here."