Sin City (Epilogue of 'The Tyrant's Legacy')

Sin City
Where I heard your name
For Shame

You cast your ill intention
Not to mention your disdain for life
And now what's left to gain
From this domain?

Sin City
Where your image will remain
Like shards of glass embedded deep
Within the flesh of those who've yet
To feel the pain.

Sin City
Lost to hope
Was that your wish?
Infested substitute for life
Embodies all who chose to eat
Food from your dish.

I've often spat into your face within my dreams
I've often cried with tears of blood
And even deafened my own ears with my own screams

Sin City
Beyond pity
Beyond mercy
Beyond hope
Beyond Life

My Christmas Cracker.

Dear Friend
Can I please send you
Warm wishes at this time?

To help to take your mind off things
Like household bills and crime.

I’ve seen old Christmas raising
Its strange old head again.

And wondered if I’m crazy to think,
“Oh no, what a pain!!!”

It’s not because it’s boring
Or I’m an age old fart

But how ironic that it’s where
So many troubles start.

Cos’ Christmas equals crisis
In many poor folks eyes.

The cash that’s spent not on the rent
On sausage rolls and pies.

And so I send warm wishes saying,
“Yow man – Keep it real!!”

Cos’ Christmas ain’t bout what you spend
It’s what you think and feel.

And who you share nuff love with and
Not so much why but when.

Bearing in mind that some folk
You may never see again.

And so I send warm wishes adding these words to depart.
Keep your money in your pocket
Spend for Christmas with your heart.

***Merry Christmas ***