If It's Poetry

If it's poetry I should feel it,
not have to wait for you to reveal it.

You can't waggle your finger and say you're dancing.
You don't purse your lips then say you're kissing.
Run to catch a bus and call that sprinting?
If that's correct please tell me what I'm missing.

If it's poetry it needs motion.
To understand it we shouldn't need a magic potion.

You can't say "I'm awake" if you're sleeping,
Or steal from a high street store and call that 'shopping'.
You couldn't strip to your socks and call that naked.
If that's the deal we'd best kneel down and pray kid.

Maybe it's because I love poetry in motion more than I really love poetry itself?
Watching you breathing keeps me believing;
so much of you that I see in myself.

Drawn to the motion and movement of poetry like that which you see as a heron takes flight.
A gazelle as it glides on its hooves cross the land.
See if that isn't poetry I don't understand.