Arrested Development

Front door slam.


Silent intermission.

Cyan do nuttin drastic.
Life don't bend like plastic
cos when life bend it cyan ben' back.

A letter arrive.
Two hours before.

'If yu a read dis
yu alive.'

Life sometimes put yu inna strange position.
Yu don't always choose your opposition.
And seeing as rent haffi pay
and yu cyan jus' live day to day,
seems like
yu have to do certain tings yu own way.

An mi never really check fi gun as a yout
cos that is what you call Brute
An dem time deh
I could not endorse.

Di clock cyan stop tic.
Cyan get a perfect silence.
Between each second
di sound of chaos
enough to fill up your imagination.
Yu know like when yu feel like yu head waan buss?
A dat a fill up di room.

'From yu a read dis
yu ave a chance.'

So I hol' like a ninja stance
inna di shadows
no stumble
nah tremble.
Inna di darkness
where only certain walks of life
can truly
like is desso
dem belong.

'Dem a come fi yu. Yu betta know dat.
All yesterdeh, even den
yu get a near miss
an yu never even know it.'

I would raada have a friend
be a friend
than a enemy.

But business and friendship
Dem is like two stranger.
Cyan get to know dem one anedda
And when dem inna di same room
dem quick fi fall out.

Next ting,
I hear a voice.