Johnny Humble

I'm not as good at standing still as horses seem to be,
or balancing on a wire like that bird above I see.
I'm pretty good at leaping but that frog seems so much better.
I like to think my legs impress but there's the real jet setter.

I'm not so hot at doing what that Sparrow Hawk can do.
I'd like to fly but gravity has a different point of view.
No matter how I flap my arms they just won't keep me up,
whilst Sparrow Hawk just floats there seeking out its daily sup.

I like to sing but check this
there's a few birds I could name
that can in just one second
put my every song
to shame.

I'm really not as great
as I perhaps pretend
I am.
This dominance, this petulance,
this opulence is

I think it might be helpful if I were a bit more humble.
and moved away from trying to build
this Mega
Concrete Jungle.

It think it might be helpful if I heeded Nature's call.
The key to our survival?
'All for One and
One for All.'