Felicity's Revenge

Felicity in song
Particularly grim
Falsetto on a whim
Spectacularly wrong

Felicity in voice
Habitually crude
Perpetually eschewed
Not suited for rejoice

Felicity alone
Dejected and aghast
Imprisoned by her past
Uncultured semi tone

Felicity arrived
Untypically late
Unusually irate
And not a soul survived.

Felicity's forlorn
A fallen house of cards
Amongst the glacial shards
Felicity reborn


Abreast green hills which clothed with lush,
the prospered bloom,
where thrice each morn
'songs of dew' its stock,
the rampant edge
to testify of this divide,
where Beauty and The Beast hold to each other's gaze,
and each reflects the same
the spoils
upon themselves.

Behold the mighty windmill breathes and firms its place
whilst formed in shades of jade
meadows afar and vast,
which thus remains alive in dreams
born years gone past
and whilst the battle rages
hence the residues
this gratitude for that which I have found in you.

And Shine.

"Since when do you eat meat?"


Cranium to feet.

My scuffed shoes spoke for me.

Against my will.


Veggie sausages.

Buy one get one free."

Cigarette smoke.

A thing of the past.

But somehow.

Against the torn, decrepit backdrop.

In black and white.

It would have suited her nicely.

In whisps

Her lips caress the black blossom tone.

And shine.

"We have all morning."

"To ourselves."

One Bed.

by Mkuu Amani

One bed.
Two people.

Playing out
another sequel.

Different words.
Same story.

She's sorry.
He's wary.

He's weary.
She's scary.

Only the night for company.
Only through dreams are they set free.

Johnny Humble

I'm not as good at standing still as horses seem to be,
or balancing on a wire like that bird above I see.
I'm pretty good at leaping but that frog seems so much better.
I like to think my legs impress but there's the real jet setter.

I'm not so hot at doing what that Sparrow Hawk can do.
I'd like to fly but gravity has a different point of view.
No matter how I flap my arms they just won't keep me up,
whilst Sparrow Hawk just floats there seeking out its daily sup.

I like to sing but check this
there's a few birds I could name
that can in just one second
put my every song
to shame.

I'm really not as great
as I perhaps pretend
I am.
This dominance, this petulance,
this opulence is

I think it might be helpful if I were a bit more humble.
and moved away from trying to build
this Mega
Concrete Jungle.

It think it might be helpful if I heeded Nature's call.
The key to our survival?
'All for One and
One for All.'

A Simple Take on Humankind

Of humankind you find there are two species that you've got.

The one who'd splat the spider flat, the other who would not.

How Fragile Is Life

How fragile is life
That shines so bright
Yet flutters like a butterfly’s wings in flight
So pleasant to the sight
Yet still so deft 
so light.

How fragile is life
That echoes aloud
Yet drifts beyond one’s touch 
like mists and clouds.

How fragile is life
More so than snow
Immeasurable weight so slight
Each flake, a thousand crystals bond as one
but gone before you know.

How fragile is life
A whisper only souls can hear
Its warmth - a candle’s glow draws near
Then fades amidst the morning-light
Before it disappears.

Let’s treat this fragile life with more revere
Neglect it not while it is here
In goodness let our hearts be steered
Away from ignorance and fears
For smiles and tears 
can mesh like glacial shards
newborn of shattered chandeliers.

Have You Ever?

by Mkuu Amani

You ever heard the sound of an half-end-ukka
as it hits the wall having just missed a scutter?
Seen a dog pack walking slow past the offie?
Had a snotty faced kiss from a mouth full of toffee?

 You ever had a real urge for 10 Number 6?
Adding cut banana to your cold Weetabix?
Sticky lips cos a dat Cow Foot Soup?
Finger by finger we ate Hoola Hoops.

You ever heard the sound of a fart on purpose
that made you feel calmed down instead of nervous?
Seen dogs shag til they get stuck together?
That's the kind of tug of war you definitely remember.

You ever seen a dead dog floating in the cut,
face down with the maggots chewing at its butt?
You ever been convinced that you'll never get solace
until you play true, dare, double dare, love, kiss or promise?

The Fallen Pride

by Mkuu Amani

The Lion stood before the Court, appeared not as a Lion should; past golden glory well maligned. Custodial life is Bad, not Good. "You realise why you're here today," the voice of justice spoke aloud. The Lion barely raised his head. No longer was he bold and proud. "I understand", the Lion spoke, "and yet I don't...", he whispered then recalling sunlit days he'd stood a King within the Lion's den. "You killed a calf...." the voice replied, "there was no need, you were not starved. What need to bear those awesome claws before the flesh through which you carved?" "It is my trait. I did not teach this to the world but born I was and it unfurled, passed on to me and so therefore my destiny."  " But there is choice and always room for sacrifice." justice replied and silence came upon the beast as he recalled his fallen pride.

This Broken Bridge

This broken bridge
creates a space
between us.

This pain I feel
has more than life.
I'm broken.

And yet I wish
from blessing.

A bridge renewed.
A path.
An intertwining.

This broken bridge
creates a false

What's left is desolate,
of meaning.

This pain I feel
tears though me
bolt lightning.

There are times that
it's even
truly frightening.

This broken bridge.
I wish you were
a rainbow
upon which
we could travel where the wind blows.

This vision
I have seen before.
In childhood.

When dandelions and daisies
were our