Have You Ever?

by Mkuu Amani

You ever heard the sound of an half-end-ukka
as it hits the wall having just missed a scutter?
Seen a dog pack walking slow past the offie?
Had a snotty faced kiss from a mouth full of toffee?

 You ever had a real urge for 10 Number 6?
Adding cut banana to your cold Weetabix?
Sticky lips cos a dat Cow Foot Soup?
Finger by finger we ate Hoola Hoops.

You ever heard the sound of a fart on purpose
that made you feel calmed down instead of nervous?
Seen dogs shag til they get stuck together?
That's the kind of tug of war you definitely remember.

You ever seen a dead dog floating in the cut,
face down with the maggots chewing at its butt?
You ever been convinced that you'll never get solace
until you play true, dare, double dare, love, kiss or promise?