The Birth of Paradise

by Mkuu Amani

I can see the coming of the dawn.
The new day greets you with a smile,
with all the gusto of the virile
heartbeat of a new born child.
The new day smiles,
unfurls its wings.
The sunshine sings
as morning brings
a new beginning,
bursting open
like the petals of a flower;
glorious in this new born hour.
In song it's like the Nightingale
or Blackbird
whose melodious word
can now be heard amidst the silver clouds.
Oh heavenly enchantment reigns
and through our veins
new zest for life;
a universal empathy;
what's best for you is best for me,
what brings you down
I won't allow.
No hunger will you ever feel
unless mine is the same for real
And so we live and die together.
Birds of the same feather.
Yet still a magnificent diverse parade
of sound and colour.
A new dawn rises
and with it brings new enterprises.