How Fragile Is Life

How fragile is life
That shines so bright
Yet flutters like a butterfly’s wings in flight
So pleasant to the sight
Yet still so deft 
so light.

How fragile is life
That echoes aloud
Yet drifts beyond one’s touch 
like mists and clouds.

How fragile is life
More so than snow
Immeasurable weight so slight
Each flake, a thousand crystals bond as one
but gone before you know.

How fragile is life
A whisper only souls can hear
Its warmth - a candle’s glow draws near
Then fades amidst the morning-light
Before it disappears.

Let’s treat this fragile life with more revere
Neglect it not while it is here
In goodness let our hearts be steered
Away from ignorance and fears
For smiles and tears 
can mesh like glacial shards
newborn of shattered chandeliers.