The Fallen Pride

by Mkuu Amani

The Lion stood before the Court, appeared not as a Lion should; past golden glory well maligned. Custodial life is Bad, not Good. "You realise why you're here today," the voice of justice spoke aloud. The Lion barely raised his head. No longer was he bold and proud. "I understand", the Lion spoke, "and yet I don't...", he whispered then recalling sunlit days he'd stood a King within the Lion's den. "You killed a calf...." the voice replied, "there was no need, you were not starved. What need to bear those awesome claws before the flesh through which you carved?" "It is my trait. I did not teach this to the world but born I was and it unfurled, passed on to me and so therefore my destiny."  " But there is choice and always room for sacrifice." justice replied and silence came upon the beast as he recalled his fallen pride.